Visual Commentaries

Here you can find some thoughts about everything, expressed in an image or a series of images. These might be little comments about life, time, whatever. Most of the time little etudes about some subject.

A common theme is that guy with the weird goggles and the funny cap. These are needed to make these images no longer self-portraits but: some guy.

Have a look and you will find out what I mean.

Country of Last Things

Country of Last Things

When looking at all what is going on, I often think about what does it look like once the pandemic is over. And what I can foresee is that there will be many changes and often not to the best. Due to pandemic restrictions many museums are locked, restaurants, bars and clubs are not allowed to open. Hotels can only open for business travelers but there are only few since whoever can work from home will do so. Smaller shops are also not allowed to open except those which sell good of daily use. More and more people feel marginalized and then feel abandoned by society and eventually turn away.

So once it is over, what we will see is that there will be quite some loss. Will the favorite restaurant open again? Many shops might have closed their doors forever. Also some cultural institutions might just be history.

All that reminds me of a book I read many years ago from one of my favorite authors: In the Country of Last Things from Paul Auster. And the above image is my try to visualize the current situation having all this in mind.

I do not want to give too much technical background on this, as it is not really relevant. But these images (all of the visual thoughts series) are all captures on film. Also the multi-exposures are done in camera and not in post-processing. This often requires a bit of planning ahead and careful operation of the camera to make sure not to move it from exposure to exposure. Because of sloppy operation, Country of Last Things shows the fifth attempt to get it right. And (as of March 2021) the third attempt still sits in the development tank undeveloped. And might only get developed to find out how Ilford FP4+ behaves when underexposed by two stops. Note to self: Always check the light meter and do not just be happy because the exposure times are so short.
Published: Sat, March 6th 2021

Social Distancing

Social Distancing

We are going through weird times right now. Here where I live we are not allowed to welcome more than one other person in our house. Also when meeting outside it is one household and just one person. Although plan is to slowly move out of lock-down, numbers of Corona infections go up again. I will start my series of images with an image about social distancing, where we no longer sit close together but need to keep contact in distance.

Published: Fri, March 5th 2021